Run4Life proposes a radical new technological concept for wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery. It is based on source-separated collection of domestic wastewaters and kitchen waste, with each flow receiving optimal treatment for resource recovery and subsequent safe reuse. The different collected flows are black water (wastewater from toilets), grey water (other domestic wastewater, e.g. from showers and washing machines) and organic kitchen waste. The resources to be recovered from the waste(water) streams are nutrients (N&P), clean water and energy.

For improved resource recovery and reuse, the following innovative technologies will be further developed within the project:

  • Ultra low flush vacuum system for toilets
  • Separate treatment of black water and organic kitchen waste
  • Hyper-thermophilic anaerobic digestion (HTAD) aimed at obtaining safe fertilisers in a one-step treatment
  • Ground-breaking nutrient recovery strategies, e.g. bio-electrochemical systems

These innovative technological solutions will be demonstrated at four large scale sites, two of which are to be built during the course of the project. The scheme below gives an overview of the Run4Life technological concept: