This month Run4Life held its consortium meeting in the city of Ghent, Belgium, close to project demo-site De Nieuwe Dokken (picture on the left). This time the programme started on Monday December 2nd with a workshop on the Legal and Regulatory aspects of resource recovery from domestic wastewater, with contributions from partners and external stakeholders. At the end of the day, the workshop participants were given the opportunity to see the resource recovery system implemented at the demo site. A report on this Legal and Regulatory Framework Workshop, with a selection of the presentations available for download, can be found here.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the project’s biannual General Assembly was held, in which all Run4Life partners participated. It was kicked off with a Stakeholder Engagement Panel session, in which the participants clearly illustrated the process and the actors involved in realising the innovative resource recovery system in Ghent and the redevelopment area as a whole. The remaining time of the GA, the different work package leaders presented an overview of the project activities and discussed the upcoming work. On Wednesday those partners that did not participate on Monday had the opportunity of a demo-site visit, and they were joined by the Project officer.

Consortium meeting and workshop in Ghent