On May 5th, project partner Leitat presented Run4Life at the EGU General Assembly 2020, held in the online format Sharing Geosciences Online. Their presentation “Run4Life project: A step forward in NPK recovery from source-separated wastewaters” was one of three highlights in the session “Sustainable phosphorus management and recovery: linking phosphorus and other element/material cycles”, that included 24 presentations on diverse topics concerning the phosphorous cycle and its effects on the environment.

In March, project partner LeAF presented Run4Life at the online Members’ Meeting of the Dutch Nutrient Platform in March, and online at the workshop “What will happen to the sewage sludge in the future” workshop organised by Green Norths project and Waste Refinery in the same month.

At the EGU2020 website you can download the conference presentations of all sessions. The Publications section of our website includes a video of the Green Norths presentation, as well as other viewing and reading material about Run4Life.

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