This year, Run4Life demonstration sites Oceanhamnen (Helsingborg) and Nieuwe Dokken (Ghent) again received awards for their innovative approach towards wastewater.

At the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, the City of Helsingborg was announced as the winner of the third edition of the Smart City Implementation Award 2020 (SMAVARD) for the three-pipe wastewater system in Oceanhamnen. This was the third award for the City of Helsingborg and the Oceanhamnen demo-site. In 2019 the City of Helsingborg won the Sustainable Future Prize and in 2018 the NSVA, City of Helsingborg and Marinette Hagman won the “Sewage and Circularity Prize 2018” for their joint effort to implement and promote source separation wastewater systems.

In Ghent, the Nieuwe Dokken district has won 3 awards this year, a great recognition. Project partner DuCoop with demo site the Nieuwe Dokken were awarded silver in the category ‘Business Process’ of the European Business Awards for the Environment and also gained silver in the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment. Furthermore they were the National winner of the Energy Globe Award. In 2017 they received the Climate Trophy of the Belgian ‘Radical Innovators’ competition.

Fertilisers from wastewater: an award winning concept