LIFE ZERO WASTE WATER (LZWW) is a Demonstration Project that will implement, test and evaluate the applicability of an innovative, profitable and positive energy balance WWTP solution for the integrated management of solid biowaste and urban wastewater streams in the specific context of small populations (<50.000 IE), based on the combination of technologies and methodologies validated independently at different scales, but never combined and applied in the specific context of the project.

Biowaste will be collected, grinded and treated together with 50 m3/d of urban wastewater.

A stakeholder meeting was organized online 3rd March 2021, with the aim of publicizing success case studies and projects related to the treatment and management of biowaste plus wastewater treatment, as well as strengthening the existing synergies in this area.

Run4Life partners participated in the event, presenting a general overview of the project, and sharing the experiences achieved with the kitchen waste segregated collection and treatment in the demonstration sites: “De Nieuwe Dokken” in Ghent (Belgium) and “Oceanhamnen” in Helsingborg (Sweden).

Life Zero Waste Water project workshop: Food waste disposers in wastewater management