Manuel Riveiro and his team are currently performing pot tests using Run4Life products at the Estación Experimental Agrícola do Baixo Miño (Agricultural Experiment Station do Baixo Miño) in Salceda. These tests are being performed with liquid effluent of the AnMBR implemented at the Vigo demo site, sludge from that same AnMBR, anaerobic sludge from the UASB of the Sneek demo site and fertiliser pellets produced at Recolab, the Helsingborg demo site. Tests will run until mid-September.

The plants that are used are ryegrass and basil, as can be seen in the pictures. Two soil types are tested, sandy soil and clay soil.

Results will be shared when they are available, together with the results of earlier quality analyses and fertiliser tests. We can’t wait!

Testing of recovered fertilisers – Update