On the 3rd of June, Run4Life project partner Isle held an Innovation Workshop as part of the European Green Week. This was the second of three Innovation Workshops that will be delivered by Isle during the Run4Life project as part of their role as leader of Run4Life’s work package on exploitation and market uptake.

The 2nd Innovation Workshop was focused on the fertilisers produced at the project demonstration sites and the main discussion points were around the marketability of these products based on the pot and field trials undertaken, the results of the LCA and BCA as well as the social perception around this type of fertilisers. An example of a business case was presented, showing how a water utility has worked together with a technology provider to produce fertilisers that could be marketable. The point of view of farmers and fertiliser companies as key stakeholders of the Run4Life fertilisers was also presented.

Presentations of the event can be downloaded from the programme below.

Event programme:

Time Activity Presenter
14:00 Introduction to the workshop Blanca Antizar (Isle)
14:15 Project overview and introduction to the fertilisers and products produced at each demo site Nicolás Morales (Aqualia)
14:45 Overview of the results from the fertiliser trials (pot and field) Annika Nordin (SLU) and Bob Keurentjes (For Farmers)
15:15 Break
15:25 Overview of the results from the LCA and CBA Maite Moreira (USC)
15.45 Overview of the results from the social perception investigations Beatriz Medina (WE&B)
16.05 Case Study Helsingborg Demo Site: Presentation by NSVA Hamse Kjerstadius (NSVA)
Case Study Helsingborg Demo Site: Presentation by EkoBalans Gunnar Thelin (EkoBalans)
16.35 End user views (small and large end user perspectives) Ute Herrmann (ASB Greenworld) and Bob Keurentjes (For Farmers)
16:55 Meeting conclusions Blanca Antizar (Isle)
17:00 End