Video’s of the Run4Life workshop at IWA EcoSTP 2021

Run4Life organised a workshop at the 5th International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (EcoSTP 2021). Partners Aqualia, LeAF BV, Desah and WE&B engaged the audience in the challenges and opportunities encountered in resource recovery from domestic wastewaters and food waste, a crucial aspect of the transition to a circular economy.

For attendees the video’s of the workshop are made available online. They can be accessed through here, use your code choose “explore” or “live sessions”, choose 24-6 and workshop #8.

For non-attendees the presentations are available on the Run4Life website here.


Run4Life at the IWA EcoSTP 2021

This week (June 21-25, 2021) the 5th International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (EcoSTP 2021), will be held online.

Join us on Thursday 24 June at 13:30h for our workshop about “Decentralized treatments for resource recovery from domestic wastewater”. Run4Life partners Nicolas Morales of Aqualia, Grietje Zeeman of LeAF BV, Paraschos Chatzopoulos of Desah and Beatriz M. of Water, Environment and Business for Development (WE&B) will engage you in the challenges and opportunities encountered in resource recovery from wastewaters and food waste, a crucial aspect of the transition to a circular economy.

Also, Juan M. Lema Rodicio, Professor Emeritus of the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, partner of the Run4Life consortium, will be awarded with the highest recognition granted by the Politecnico di Milano: the Honorary Degree ‘Laurea Magistrale ad Honorem’. You can join the ceremony that will be livestreamed on June 25th at 10:30h.

The full programme of the IWA EcoSTP conference can be found on their website.

European Green Week – Innovation workshop

On June 3, the 2nd Innovation Workshop of the Run4Life project was successfully delivered by project partner Isle. This is the second of the three Innovation Workshops that will be delivered by Isle during the project as part of their role as leader of Run4Life’s exploitation and market uptake.

The 2nd Innovation Workshop was focused on the fertilisers produced at the project demonstration sites and the main discussion points were around the marketability of these products based on the pots and field trials undertaken, the results of the LCA and BCA as well as the social perception around this type of fertilisers. An example of a business case was presented showing how a water utility has worked together with a technology provider to produce fertilisers that could be marketable. The point of view of farmers and fertiliser companies as key stakeholders of the Run4Life fertilisers was also presented.

Many thanks to all our speakers and audience! This was a great opportunity to showcase some of the project results and receive feedback from key end-users.




Run4Life demonstration sites opened their doors

As part of the European Green Week, today Run4Life held Open Days, physically and virtually, to show what is possible in wastewater resource recovery to help achieve a clean and circular economy. First everyone got an update of what is happening at all the demonstration sites. In Helsingborg and Ghent inhabitants are just moving in, in Vigo and Sneek the experiments with the new technologies are making progress.

Then the participants of the physical event got a tour of the demonstration site Vigo and the online participants could choose a site of which they could see a virtual tour and ask questions to the demo site representative. Thank you all forparticipating and/or hopefully till the next event! Thursday you can join the innovation workshop where Run4Life technology developers and fertiliser producers are directly brought in contact with end-users. More information and registration can be found here.

For more information on the demonstration sites please visit the website.

Junior Science Lab

Education in creating valuable products from wastewater, as is done in Run4Life, is essential for the acceptance of these products. Starting with the younger people in our society, primary school children, can help tremendously in starting the conversation in peoples homes. Run4Life joined forces with the Science Hub of Wageningen University and organised an educational event for primary school children ‘Delicious Waste Water’ on the 19th of may.

Children were invited to come to the University for an afternoon and experienced what it is to attend a lecture and perform experiments. They learned about wastewater; where it comes from, what it consists of and how it is treated now. Furthermore, they learned about what plants need to grow, how components in wastewater can be used to fertilise plants and why segregating wastewater streams is useful.


Register for our EU Green Week partner events!

Registration is now open for our Virtual Open Days at the four project demo-sites and the on-site guided tour at Porto do Molle, both on May 31st.

Furthermore, on June 3rd the Online Innovation Workshop will be held, connecting Run4Life technology developers and fertiliser producers directly with end-users that their technologies and products are being developed for.

For more information about the programme and registration visit the Run4Life Green Week page.

European Green Week

The European Green Week is coming soon, it will be dedicated to the ‘zero pollution ambition’. It will also look at other relevant European Green Deal initiatives, such as the climate initiatives, the upcoming Chemicals Strategy, as well as initiatives in the fields of energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity.

Run4Life will organize partner events during the European Green Week to show what is possible in wastewater resource recovery to help achieve a clean and circular economy. The following events will take place:

  • 31st May: Open day in Vigo (Porto do Molle demonstration site): Online presentations with the 4 demo sites, guided tour (following Covid rules) and video tours.
  • 3rd June: Innovation Workshop. Online.

More information will follow.

Life Zero Waste Water project workshop: Food waste disposers in wastewater management

LIFE ZERO WASTE WATER (LZWW) is a Demonstration Project that will implement, test and evaluate the applicability of an innovative, profitable and positive energy balance WWTP solution for the integrated management of solid biowaste and urban wastewater streams in the specific context of small populations (<50.000 IE), based on the combination of technologies and methodologies validated independently at different scales, but never combined and applied in the specific context of the project.

Biowaste will be collected, grinded and treated together with 50 m3/d of urban wastewater.

A stakeholder meeting was organized online 3rd March 2021, with the aim of publicizing success case studies and projects related to the treatment and management of biowaste plus wastewater treatment, as well as strengthening the existing synergies in this area.

Run4Life partners participated in the event, presenting a general overview of the project, and sharing the experiences achieved with the kitchen waste segregated collection and treatment in the demonstration sites: “De Nieuwe Dokken” in Ghent (Belgium) and “Oceanhamnen” in Helsingborg (Sweden).

Fertilisers from wastewater: an award winning concept

This year, Run4Life demonstration sites Oceanhamnen (Helsingborg) and Nieuwe Dokken (Ghent) again received awards for their innovative approach towards wastewater.

At the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, the City of Helsingborg was announced as the winner of the third edition of the Smart City Implementation Award 2020 (SMAVARD) for the three-pipe wastewater system in Oceanhamnen. This was the third award for the City of Helsingborg and the Oceanhamnen demo-site. In 2019 the City of Helsingborg won the Sustainable Future Prize and in 2018 the NSVA, City of Helsingborg and Marinette Hagman won the “Sewage and Circularity Prize 2018” for their joint effort to implement and promote source separation wastewater systems.

In Ghent, the Nieuwe Dokken district has won 3 awards this year, a great recognition. Project partner DuCoop with demo site the Nieuwe Dokken were awarded silver in the category ‘Business Process’ of the European Business Awards for the Environment and also gained silver in the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment. Furthermore they were the National winner of the Energy Globe Award. In 2017 they received the Climate Trophy of the Belgian ‘Radical Innovators’ competition.