On May 17th 2018 Run4Life hosted a stakeholder engagement event during the IFAT in Munich.

The event was organised in cooperation with the European Sustainable Phosphorous Platform, the German Phosphorous Platform, solution providers, EU projects on resource recovery, and other stakeholders.

Below you find a list of the presentations that were held during the event. Most of these are available for download.

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Run4Life@IFAT presentations

First part of the morning – Nutrient recovery in context

  1. Introduction: Circular Economy and Value Recovery / Paul O´CALLAGHAN, BlueTech Research
  2. Nutrient recovery: European innovations through H2020 / Evdokia ACHILLEOS, European Commission – EASME “H2020 Environment and Resources”
  3. Regulatory requirements for Phosphorus recovery in Germany – consequences / Daniel FRANK, Deutsche Phosphor Plattform
  4. The road to recovery – Promises and Potential of Phosphorus Pathways / Christian KABBE, Isle Utilities

Discussion and Panel of Solution Providers

  1. PEARL® AND WASSTRIP® / Andrea GYSIN (Ostara)
  2. Air-Prex / Bernhard ORTWEIN (CNP)
  3. Tetra-Phos / Andreas RAK (Remondis)
  4. Interreg Phos4You / Daniel KLEIN (EGLV)
  5. CLOOP project /Tanja SCHAAF (Outotec).

“Resource-Oriented Sanitation” – Options of  Decentralised Nutrient Recovery

  1. Options of decentralised nutrient recovery / Grietje ZEEMAN (LeAF Wageningen)
  2. Integrated Sanitation Systems iSaS / Joerg LONDONG (TU Weimar)
  3. Technical standards for New Alternative Sanitation Systems in Germany / Gunter LANGERGRABER (BOKU Wien)

New Approaches – panel debate featuring current EU projects

  1. RUN4LIFE / Brendo MEULMAN (DeSaH) – www.run4life-project.eu
  2. SABANA / Gabriel ACIEN (UAL) – www.eu-sabana.eu
  3. INCOVER / Juan Antonio ALVAREZ (Aimen) – www.incover-project.eu
  4. SMART-Plant / Francesco FATONE (UnivPoliMarche) – www.smart-plant.eu
  5. WATER2RETURN / Pilar ZAPATA (BioAzul) – www.water2return.eu