Struvite precipitation is a well-known technology for phosphorus recovery. It is applied to wastewaters with high phosphate concentrations, such as the effluent of anaerobic reactors (e.g. UASB and AnMBR) treating concentrated toilet wastewater.By adding magnesium to the effluent and controlling the pH at the desired level the struvite precipitates.

Struvite is a crystalline mineral consisting of magnesium, ammonia and phosphate and can be used as fertiliser in agriculture. The energy requirement for struvite precipitation is low, and the process is generally stable. For more information on this product please download the factsheet.

In Run4Life, the struvite precipitation technology is applied in demosites Helsingborg and Ghent and it is part of the concept in Vigo.

For more information on this technology please download the factsheet.